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AmigaBrixx for OS4

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Welcome to Amiga5000.de

On this page I present my projects.

All of them were created using the Hollywood programming language. Accordingly some Hollywood-plugins are, if not included, required to run these tools. These can be downloaded on the Hollywood homapge.

Some MUI-classes need to be installed, too:

MCC_TheBar: Mui-class for toolbars.

MCC_TtextEditorMUI-class for some textgadgets.

For dealing with UTF-8 Codesets you also need the codesets.library.

The software is written to run on Gfx-card based Amigas. If your Amiga does not have one, you will need some more software, to get them to run:

The Hollywood plugin Plananarama, available on: Hollywood download page.

guigfx.library and renderlib68k available on Aminet.

Also fblit is strongly recommended, to spare some gfx-mem.

If the tools include music or audiofiles, AHI is required, too!

If you find bugs or have any suggestions for my tools, contact me at annaistlieb@googlemail.com